Elizabeth May for Green Party Leadership

Elizabeth May is running for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada, against one other candidate, David Chernushenko. Elizabeth May has created her own blog to present her thoughts about her candidacy, as well as thoughts about the environment and politics in general. It is very interesting reading. Elizabeth May is just wrapping up her 17-year tenure as executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, and it is expected that she will bring the same enthusiasm and effectiveness to her new job, assuming she is successful in her leadership bid. If you want to ensure her success by voting in the leadership election, all you have to do is join the Green Party by June 27, for as little as $10, and you will receive a ballot in the mail. Supporters of Elizabeth May believe that she could actually make a serious impact on politics in Canada.

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2 Responses to Elizabeth May for Green Party Leadership

  1. Daryl says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention ! Elizabeth May rocks ! (disclaimer: we work for the May campaign team.. 😉 ).

    One factual point though, there is another entrant to the leadership race. Jim Fannon is apparently also a candidate for the leadership race along with David and Elizabeth.

    So, um… trombones, eh ?… 😉

  2. Thanks for this info, Daryl. I see that the Green Party website has been updated since my initial post to reflect this addition. For anyone who is interested, here is Jim Fannon’s website.

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