First Strawberries of the Season

There’s nothing like the taste of the first strawberries of the season. You just can’t beat fresh locally grown food, and it’s even better if you’ve picked it yourself. There is no way to describe how incredible food tastes when you eat it straight off the plant. For me, strawberries in particular bring back great memories. My paternal grandmother grew strawberries, and we grandchildren used to help with the harvest this time of year. The berries would be warmed by the sun, and so juicy they would almost explode in your mouth. The first box picked would be very slowly filled, as every second berry needed to be sampled to ensure the customers’ satisfaction – quality control was very important to us! As bellies filled, work would begin to proceed at a slightly quicker pace, building up to a race to see who could fill the most boxes. After our labour, Nannie would somehow manage to whip up an incredible meal, complete with – you guessed it – strawberry shortcake for dessert. Nannie is gone now, but the memory of her is vividly recalled with every fresh strawberry.

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1 Response to First Strawberries of the Season

  1. naceardan says:

    Dale you’re almost making me homesick with this talk of new strawberries, new potatoes and jazz festivals. Especially the new potatoes! We just don’t get ‘real’ potatoes out here. 🙂 Just lots of very thick smoke from all the forest fires near here in La Ronge, SK …


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