Games with bats

When I get home from work after 11:00 at night, I take the dog out for her evening ritual, and I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping tabs on her with a one-million-candlepower flashlight purchased on sale at Canadian Tire. Cocoa is a chihuahua – a small one even for that breed – and it is easy to lose track of her in the untended grass. One night while waiting for Cocoa to finish her business, I was looking up into the starlit sky and aiming my flashlight at the heavens – not sure what I thought it would reveal! As I gazed skyward, the beacon of light was broken by the silent, graceful, unmistakable figure of a bat. Very shortly, another bat passed through – this one I tried to follow with the light. It became kind of a game, and after a few tries I became more adept at operating my followspot in illuminating the star of the show. This is as much fun as a video game any day! Bats are amazing creatures, floating through the air then turning on a dime as they sense something in their path. I’ve had some come quite close to me, but they always turn away at the last second, and I don’t worry for a second about them getting caught in my hair – a myth anyway. It is amazing what goes on above and around us. By simply being curious, we are rewarded with the discovery of fascinating things – reminders of the constant ebb and flow of the natural world, and our small place in it. As I finish up my game, I look down, and there is my dog waiting patiently at my feet, herself curious as to what I could possibly be finding so interesting.

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