Island Shine

Several years ago I came across a very fine Polish vodka (Luksusowa) that is actually made from potatoes – any other vodka I’ve ever seen is grain distilled. It gave me a great idea: PEI is renowned for its great potatoes – there couldn’t be a better place to start a company that makes potato vodka. And better yet, use organically grown potatoes for a truly premium product. Well, it seems someone else thinks the same way I do, and she’s beaten me to the punch. Cindy Burton has founded the Salty Dog Distillery and plans to produce three types of premium vodka using locally grown organic ingredients: “Island Shine” made from potatoes, “Canadian Maple Shine” from maple sap, and “Honey Shine”. It looks like Blueberry Shine and Cranberry Shine are in the works as well. To top it all off, Cindy plans to use Green Power to run the distillery, to work with local farmers in promoting sustainable farming practices, and to adopt a “no waste” process where all byproducts are used for something. Check out her website and see if you are as impressed as I am. Incidentally, Cindy is one of two Islanders selected to compete in the upcoming CBC reality TV show Dragons’ Den where entrepeneurs pitch their business idea to investors, and could walk away with all the money they need to make their idea a reality. Best of luck, Cindy! That’s one show I’ll be following with interest.

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