The Thrill of New Music

Last night my new music ensemble eklektikos gave a successful performance at UPEI. One of the criteria for determining the success of a new music concert is whether the audience outnumbers the performers, which makes last night all the more amazing since there were 12 of us performing! As the name of the group implies, we strive for an eclectic approach, both in instrumentation and in the style of music presented, and we try to make it fun for the audience as well. It can be difficult trying to arrange rehearsals with such a variety of people involved, and to even find repertoire in the first place, but it’s always worth the effort. Although it wasn’t specifically a Canadian concert, we ended up playing a lot of Canadian pieces (8 out of 11 in fact), I think due to the fact that the Canadian Music Centre is such a great resource for finding repertoire. Many of the pieces we played had not been heard by either us or the audience before, so it was an adventure for all of us. For me, this kind of experience is incredibly stimulating, and I never seem to tire of it. I just get so excited exploring new repertoire, discovering unknown gems, and then sharing that music with other curious and interested people. It’s even more thrilling to perform works that nobody has ever heard before, and last night we gave two World Premiere performances. For me, nothing else gets my creative juices flowing as much – it energizes me, and sustains me through the more mundane parts of life as a musician. What lies ahead for my group, and for music in general? I can’t wait to find out!

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