My busiest summer ever

Summers are always busy for me, but this past one was the busiest ever. In addition to playing 8 shows a week with the Charlottetown Festival orchestra, I was booked on many Sundays for various performances – Northumberland Brass, eklektikos, solo performances, recitals – all of which required rehearsals and personal practice throughout the week. There was a three-month period in there, from mid-July to mid-September, when I didn’t have a single day off. Out of necessity, I had to make very efficient use of the few minutes of practice time that I could scrounge out of a day. In a lot of ways, it would be nice if heavy periods of work could be spread out over the year to offset the lean times. Yet, there is also something rewarding about being forced into a situation where new things come quickly on the heels of something else. It forces us to adapt, to multitask, to be efficient, and to be creative. While it was exhausting at times, it was also really energizing, and now I feel like I can take on anything that might get thrown my way. I wish I could say that next summer might be slower, but it’s already starting to look like that won’t be the case. I guess I’ll have to get in all my beach days during the winter!

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1 Response to My busiest summer ever

  1. Na Ceàrdan says:

    Och laddie, that explains your absence here on “one trombonist’s thoughts about the world” … a great reason too! Wish could say the same about my summer holidays but just like ol’ man river , mine just ‘keep rolling along’ & I plain forgot to post! 😀

    Glad to hear you we’re able to grab a few moments to practice while being so creatively busy… a bit of sketching is good for one’s artistic soul. Right? 8)


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