Black Bottom Brass Band

I bought two CDs two weeks ago for two bucks each at the Book Sale at the Confederation Centre Library: The Cranberries “To The Faithful Departed” and Black Bottom Brass Band “Best! Best! Best!”. I’d never heard of the BBBB, but for $2 was willing to take a chance, and I’m glad I did. This is music that makes me want to dance! I mean really dance – the I-can’t-help-myself-no-matter-how-much-a-fool-I’ll-make-of-myself kind of dancing that takes over me when I hear such music as Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous”! BBBB are a Japanese group playing in the traditional New Orleans brass band style, and man these guys cook! Of special note is the guest appearance of Louis Armstrong-influenced New Orleans trumpeter/singer Kermit Ruffins on one track. Fantastic! The CD notes are not very informative, providing little more than song titles and the nicknames of the band members: Mitch, Koo, Yassy, Iggy, Monky, DcCoy, Oji and Anton. Their very cool website does contain more information (such as each musician’s blood type!), although most of it is in Japanese. Bottom line is: these guys know how to have fun! I should add that I had slight misgivings about buying the CD because one of the tunes is titled “Hard Work For Blow Job”. I like to be able to share music with my kids, and a song title like that would mean keeping the CD to myself (at least until they’re 30 and beginning to understand the ways of the world 😉 ). Luckily, the tune is an instrumental, so I had nothing to worry about. Let’s dance, kids!

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