Hummus with Fries

I ate at one of the many Lebanese restaurants in Charlottetown recently, and despite there being lots of vegetarian choices on the menu, my own choices were restricted by the fact that I can’t eat wheat. I really wanted hummus, but needed something other than pita bread to eat it with, so I ordered the only thing I could – fries. This got me thinking about how throughout history, and throughout the world, great things have resulted from the merger of distinctive cultural elements. Think British curry, Jazz, Afro-Cuban music… Canadians!… Considering that hummus is one of the signature dishes of Lebanese cuisine, and that PEI would be nothing without the humble potato, I can’t think of a better representation of the intersection of these two cultures than the combination of hummus and fries. You may not find it on the menu in any restaurant, but each are available separately. Order them and eat ‘em together. I think you’ll agree that they are a winning combination!

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7 Responses to Hummus with Fries

  1. Na Ceàrdan says:

    Sound intriguing & tasty… You could call it ‘The Ghiz’ or ‘The Joe’


  2. Brian M James says:

    Hi Dale,
    For another cross-cultural taste sensation try the Nail and Kneecap’s curry and fries on Quinpool the next time you’re in the fair city of Haf-i-lax.
    You won’t regret it. They’re delicious!

  3. Sounds good, Brian. Did you ever make it to the Churchill Arms in Charlottetown? Their Curry Chips are outstanding. I like the Madras option myself. Spicy!

  4. 1loneranger says:

    oh yeah,
    I’d forgotten about the Arms’ curry chips. Yum!
    way to take up some action on your not so fresh chips.

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  6. Hummus101 says:

    Next time, you should try a dish called Mesabecha. It’s basically made of baked chickpeas with tehini, like hummus, only the chickpeas are not mashed so it’s very nice to eat it with a fork and no pita.
    I do that very often – I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and there are lots of places here where you can eat hummus and Mesabecha.

  7. Rex Smith says:

    This is quite a common combination already. In England and other European countries middle eastern food is served from “take away shops.” English people love chips and as a result of the cross cultirization between India/Pakistan as a colonies of the British Empire these food combinations were created. Very common is Curry-n-chips: a brown curry served over large steak fries/ english chips. Humus and chips with some olive oil and even some falafel balls can be ordered as a meal, as well as just humus and chips

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