Snuggle up with a good book

My three year old son gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “snuggle up with a good book”, as he does so quite literally. While many kids gravitate to teddy bears for comfort at night time, Bailey has always been inclined to choose more unusual snuggling partners: anything from dinky cars to tractors, drum sticks to harmonicas, flashlights to snow shovels (plastic, at least!), and yes, books. It doesn’t seem to matter what – sometimes he just grabs the first thing he sees – but he has to have something. And once he latches on to it, it is with him for the night until he finally releases his grip in the morning. In the case of books, I’d like to think that the message learned from the reading has held special resonance for the boy, that the act of holding the book is a tactile representation of the strength of feelings elicited by the story. In reality, I don’t think this is the case; it’s a simple matter of inanimate objects providing comfort. I can only wonder about why this is so, but I do know that it gives me comfort to see that books are in the rotation.

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