Small Town Service

I received an online order this week for some sheet music that I publish, but discovered that I was out of stock. I needed to get more copies printed so I could fill the order promptly, but I wasn’t going to be in Charlottetown before the weekend. What to do? I was going to be working all day in Kinkora – was there any print shop near there? I thought of Campbell’s Printing in Tryon, less than 1 km from where I grew up – it was on the way to Kinkora – maybe they would be able to help.

Campbell’s Printing is owned and operated by Bill and Gertie Campbell. To the best of my memory, they moved to the old Stordy house across from my grandmother’s place in Tryon maybe 25 years ago, started up a print shop, and have been there ever since. Their building is full of strange-looking cast-iron contraptions capable of pressing just about anything, from stamps and seals to ribbons, napkins and more. There was not a computer to be seen anywhere, not even at the desk – I guess accounts are looked after the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper and file folders. I’m not even sure if they take credit cards. The only thing plugged into the wall was a large photocopier capable of handling 11X17 paper, and that’s all I needed, so I gave them my instructions and left the job in their capable hands. By the end of the day, my music was ready and looked great. And when I asked how much I owed, Gertie said, “$5.00 is good. Your dad has been good to us. He was up here the other day helping Bill set up his stereo.” Folks, there is just no substitute for this kind of personal service, and I guess that’s why Bill and Gertie rarely have time for a vacation.

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1 Response to Small Town Service

  1. 1loneranger says:

    That’s awesome! I love stories like this. Do you think you’ll keep using Gertie and friends or go back to quick and speedy?

    ps, miss you down at the Cohn.

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