My Boy and Bobby McFerrin

Here’s a sample of the crazy conversations that go on in our house. Background: I introduced Bailey (who is 4) to Bobby McFerrin‘s version of Cream‘s Sunshine of Your Love last summer, although his name was mentioned again fairly recently because he has a song on a “lullaby” CD that we listen to at bedtime. Riley is (at times) a very mature 7. It’s supper time:

Bailey: I have to go meet my friend Bobby McFerrin.

Me: [incredulously] You know Bobby McFerrin?

Bailey: [whispered] Dad, it’s just pretend. [normal] It’s the little boy named Bobby McFerrin. See his head out the window over there? I play instruments and we have a band together.

Me: Really! That’s cool.

Bailey: Yeah. Do you want to know the name of the band?

Me: Sure.

Bailey: OK, but I have to tell you upstairs in the bathroom, because the name is bathroom talk.

Riley: [maternally] Well, thank you for being so polite, Bailey, and not saying it at the table.

I wish I could report that the band’s name was as funny as the lead-up. Let’s just say it wasn’t worth the trip upstairs. Bailey thought it was pretty hilarious, though. Ah, kids!

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