UPEI Student Centre concert

Last Monday at lunch time my new music group eklektikos performed at the UPEI Student Centre, in the big courtyard area next to the cafeteria. The concert was put on by the Canadian Music Centre as part of their New Music in New Places program, a festival “designed to bring Canadian contemporary music out of the concert halls and into the lives of Canadians.” A lot of people pass through the Student Centre at lunch time – hopefully they enjoyed our music. We tried not to play too much of that bleep-fart stuff. We heard some great comments afterward, and I think people came away from it with a greater appreciation for Canadian-grown concert music. There is some excellent stuff being written all across this country.

It’s funny – I am a trombone player, yet I have very few photos of me actually playing the thing. Thanks to Tony Dawe, who photographed our event, I now have proof that I play the trombone. Click on the photo below to see the set on my Flickr.


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