Two New Features

Just wanted to bring your attention to two new features on my blog. On the right-hand column you will now notice links to my websites: 1) my trombone website, which contains my bio, musical activities and resources, 2) our house website, which describes how we are living off the grid, and 3) Pine Grove Music, my music publishing business. Someone mentioned to me recently that they wanted to be able to find these sites more easily. My Flickr photos link is further down the column.

I have also added a note which lists the book I am currently reading, in case anyone cares. I always find it interesting to know what people are reading. I haven’t made much progress on the current book, thanks to facebook!

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2 Responses to Two New Features

  1. Cyn says:

    Thanks for making your weblog more convenient Dale.

  2. I was just mentioning to your sister in law on the weekend that I’m always having troubles pointing people towards your house site; thanks for the new place to point.

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