Running/Shoes – Cause and Effect

I am currently experiencing a shoe shortage – all my shoes have gradually been falling apart. So yesterday, when I was heading out the door to drive to the Halifax airport to pick up my brother, I was down to a few unappealing choices: my black dress shoes, my winter boots, or my rubber boots. Oh man, something comfortable would be really nice for the six-hour round-trip. Then I spotted my running shoes. Lightweight and comfortable – yes, they would do nicely.

Then, at my first pit-stop, I made a discovery: simply wearing running shoes seems to make me want to run. As I stepped out of the car, I was taken over by an intense desire to RUN! So run I did. I felt so light on my feet. I FLEW across the parking lot, the wind whipping through my hair – runner’s high taking over almost instantly. I was a cheetah in pursuit of its prey, an Olympian sprinting to supremacy – a child loving life.

This is completely opposite to how this usually works – usually, you wait until you feel like running, then you put on your running shoes and you go for a run. This time, putting on the shoes made me want to run. It’s “cause and effect” in reverse. Just think of how one could apply this process to life! Some possibilities: put the trombone to my lips – presto, I feel like practicing! Put a saw in my hands – wow, I feel like cutting wood!

I think I might be on to something here. Try it. See if you have the same experience. Don’t wait until you feel like doing something. Just do it, and then see if that inspires the feeling. Hey, the worst that could happen is that you actually get something done.

Well, I’m off to bed, to see if that makes me feel like sleeping. Good night.

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