Pearls Before Breakfast

Here is a very intriguing article about an experiment undertaken by the Washington Post to see what the public’s reaction might be when famous violin virtuoso Joshua Bell busks in a subway station (at the centre of federal Washington D.C.) during the morning rush hour, and for 43 minutes performs (on his 1713 Stradivarius, worth $3.5 million!) some of the greatest musical masterpieces ever written.

Before you read the article, try to guess what would happen: How many people might pass by during those 43 minutes? How many of those would stop to listen? How many would recognize (or even notice) who was playing? How many would throw money into the open violin case? How much money would be collected by the end of the performance? The actual results may surprise you. It certainly provides a very interesting commentary on our society, and is definitely worth reading.

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1 Response to Pearls Before Breakfast

  1. Tracey says:

    Before I read the article I had an idea in my mind of what might happen. I figured it was a trick question. Though I must say, it was more startling than I had thought it would be and I was originally pessimistic. I believe that they have pretty firm evidence of people’s priorities toward beauty, at least in that essence. Frankly that is slightly terrifying, for I treasure music as a dear love of my life. Has the world really become as ill as it seems? Sorry, maybe I think to much. Please update, your views are quite fascinating if you do not mind me saying so.

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