Music from CTV Ad

We don’t have cable TV, so the only channels we get are CBC, CTV and Global on a clear day. Honestly, though, who needs more than CTV? With Criminal Minds, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and all the CSIs and Law and Orders (and yes, even American Idol), CTV is it for me. One could easily spend their whole evening glued to CTV, although thanks to facebook, this doesn’t happen so much anymore!

I’ve been really enjoying the music on one of the CTV ads – it’s the ad with the bouncing “C” ball and pretty much all the stars of all the shows on CTV – the one which starts with Jon Stewart doing air grafitti, and where George from Grey’s gets it in the you-know-what. I was determined to find out what the song was, and have learned that it is the title track from Natasha Bedingfield‘s album Unwritten.

According to her website, Natasha Bedingfield is “the UK’s biggest female pop star bar none”. And I’ve never even heard of her. But then, that genre isn’t really what I stay on top of. I do like that song though, and once I figured out what it was, I downloaded it from Puretracks so I could listen to the whole thing. I like it! I also like expanding my musical horizons, and that means keeping my ears (and my mind) open – inspiration can come at any time and from any place, even from a simple ad on TV.

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  1. Larry says:

    Thank you so much. I had been searching for this song for ever after hearing it on the CTV ad. I had given up on finding out who the artist was until I heard it again on a Pantene Pro-v ad. I was lucky enough to come across your page which solved the mystery. I followed your link to Natasha’s web site when the song was located. Thanks again.

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