Win CF Light Bulbs!

If you are the owner of a single family dwelling on PEI, and are interested in finally making the switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs, why not get some for free! Green Light Prince Edward Island is holding a lottery draw in which 1000 winners will be chosen (the week of June 11) to receive up to 12 CF light bulbs to replace any existing incandescents in their homes.

This contest is the second phase of Green Light PEI’s A Bright Idea project, the goal of which is to “help homeowners save energy and money, and in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” The results of their pilot project in 2006 demonstrated that the average household retrofitted with CF bulbs reduced their energy use by 2.6 kilowatt hours per day (worth about $95/year), and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 0.65 tonnes per participant. It is another example of how a small action can make a big difference – imagine how much greenhouse gases could be reduced if everyone made the switch.

Check out Green Light PEI’s website for more details on the contest. It is a great project, and a great chance to win some free bulbs. And with 1000 winners, the odds are pretty good!


Incidentally, our house is outfitted completely with CF bulbs (which makes us ineligible for the contest), and although the initial cost was higher up front (compared to incandescents), we have not had to change a single bulb since we installed them over six years ago!

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1 Response to Win CF Light Bulbs!

  1. Dale says:

    Update: today, nearly 9 years after installing our CF bulbs, our first light bulb burned out.

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