Subterranean Summer Reading Club

The orchestra started rehearsals for the Charlottetown Festival last Thursday, and we were thrown straight into the fire – a gruelling 7 rehearsals in 3 days. And just so things wouldn’t get stale, we had our first show on Monday. Just like that we are in full swing. Aside from the weekly paycheque, the greatest thing about starting up a new summer season in the orchestra pit is that I can finally get some reading done! Which means, dear reader, that you will finally see some action in my “Currently reading” sidebar. Along with getting to a few books that have been on the back burner for a while, I will be catching up on all the magazines that came through the door over the winter.

Now before you start imagining that I must have very little to play in the shows, let me assure you that I earn my pay. Anne of Green Gables-The Musical is full of notes (some of them quite challenging!), but we do get breaks while they yak about stuff on stage, and during my 17 years playing in Anne, I have honed my peripheral awareness skills to the point where I can drop my book in my lap, pick up the trombone and start playing, all in a heartbeat and right on cue. And while Anne is rich in music, it is also rich in dialogue, leaving me with enough breaks to actually be able to tackle some fairly substantial reading. Two summers ago I managed to read The Hobbit and the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy, and still had time for some Far Side collections! Stay tuned here to see what’s on my Pit Reading List this summer.

And since we’re on the topic of the Charlottetown Festival – If the audiences’ reactions the last two nights are any indication, it seems that British Invasion! is going to be a huge hit this summer. The sets and costumes are amazing, the tunes are great, the cast is fantastic – I think it is even better than Canada Rocks! If you enjoyed that, then you are in for a treat with British Invasion! Mick Jagger’s antics alone are worth the price of admission. Then again, how would I know? I’m too busy reading in the pit!

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2 Responses to Subterranean Summer Reading Club

  1. Andrea says:

    How’s the Brecht going? I never heard of this novel before – is it an adaptation of the play or vice versa? Actually, the only Brecht I’ve read is “The Caucasion Chalk Circle”.

    I just finished reading The Kite Runner and I think you would enjoy it too. Are you looking for recommendations?


  2. Dale says:

    I am enjoying the Brecht – it is the first work of his that I have read. You know, despite having played Weill’s music to The Threepenny Opera, I didn’t know the story. I’ve discovered that I have been meaning to read it for quite a while – the date I purchased the book is inscribed on the inside title page – December 1989!!! Threepenny Novel followed The Threepenny Opera, which was an adaptation of John Gay’s The Beggar’s Opera, but set in Victorian London. I guess now I’ll have to check out Gay’s work too.

    Absolutely, I am interested in your book recommendations. Keep them coming, and I’ll add them to my list.

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