Royal Tandoor

When the Royal Tandoor opened in Charlottetown last summer I was VERY excited. Finally, an Indian buffet in PEI. I went twice a week, between Anne shows on double days. Over the winter I only ended up going a few times, and the last few were rather disappointing. Reasons included:
1) food not heated up enough – I don’t know whether it had just come out of the fridge, or whether the food warmers just weren’t turned up high enough.
2) food sometimes dried out – hard crunchy rice, and food with a dried out layer on top – not very appetizing.
3) food not up to its former quality – flavours were off somehow – I occasionally didn’t go back for seconds – that says a lot!
4) fewer vegan options – sometimes I would only be able to have one of the vegetarian dishes because most of them were cream based or contained cheese.

So, after avoiding the place for a while, I finally gave it another chance today, and I am happy to report that things seem to be back to normal. They have a new chef, and the food was fresh, very tasty, heated properly, and I was able to eat all 4 vegetarian dishes. Only further visits will tell for sure, but I am optimistic that the Royal Tandoor has returned to its former glory.

I must also mention that the buffet is now available only at lunch time ($8.99), and supper is now a la carte.

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