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Letter to my Tailgater

Dear Tailgater: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed me here on the road right in front of you. I know I’m driving a car much smaller than yours, but I do have my lights on, so surely you see me? … Continue reading

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Royal Tandoor

When the Royal Tandoor opened in Charlottetown last summer I was VERY excited. Finally, an Indian buffet in PEI. I went twice a week, between Anne shows on double days. Over the winter I only ended up going a few … Continue reading

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Subterranean Summer Reading Club

The orchestra started rehearsals for the Charlottetown Festival last Thursday, and we were thrown straight into the fire – a gruelling 7 rehearsals in 3 days. And just so things wouldn’t get stale, we had our first show on Monday. … Continue reading

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Distress in Desable

It is almost a perfect day today – sunny but not too hot, with a nice breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Almost perfect, except that the pleasant chirping of birds is being punctuated by the sound of fake … Continue reading

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Petition to Restore CBC Radio Two

A couple of months ago, CBC Radio 2 made some changes which resulted in the cancellation of its evening classical music programmes, including my favourite: Two New Hours with Larry Lake. Two New Hours was the only radio programme to … Continue reading

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Win CF Light Bulbs!

If you are the owner of a single family dwelling on PEI, and are interested in finally making the switch from incandescent to compact fluorescent light bulbs, why not get some for free! Green Light Prince Edward Island is holding … Continue reading

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Music Festival – on marks and competition

My daughter sang in the Kiwanis Music Festival today. It was so sweet. All the girls who sang were very cute. I love the fact that Riley likes to perform in front of an audience – she’s really into it, … Continue reading

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My 1200 Calorie Breakfast

I’ve always believed in having a good breakfast, although the actual content has changed a lot over the years. As a kid, bacon and eggs were the usual thing; now, as a vegetarian, I start my day with a base … Continue reading

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Music from CTV Ad

We don’t have cable TV, so the only channels we get are CBC, CTV and Global on a clear day. Honestly, though, who needs more than CTV? With Criminal Minds, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and all the CSIs and … Continue reading

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First Blogiversary

Exactly one year ago I made my first post to this blog. 84 posts later, I have averaged 7 per month, a little short of my goal of 2 or 3 a week, but not too bad I guess. My … Continue reading

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Pearls Before Breakfast

Here is a very intriguing article about an experiment undertaken by the Washington Post to see what the public’s reaction might be when famous violin virtuoso Joshua Bell busks in a subway station (at the centre of federal Washington D.C.) … Continue reading

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Running/Shoes – Cause and Effect

I am currently experiencing a shoe shortage – all my shoes have gradually been falling apart. So yesterday, when I was heading out the door to drive to the Halifax airport to pick up my brother, I was down to … Continue reading

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Two New Features

Just wanted to bring your attention to two new features on my blog. On the right-hand column you will now notice links to my websites: 1) my trombone website, which contains my bio, musical activities and resources, 2) our house … Continue reading

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Facebook Has Consumed Me

OK, so last week I got an email from a friend (and 2nd cousin) inviting me to sign up with Facebook and join the “Bluefield Class of 1986” group he’d created. We were in school together at Englewood from Grades … Continue reading

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“Spring”, a poem by Riley

My Dad just emailed me this photo of their white board: She must have been feeling very optimistic, because it hasn’t felt much like spring yet.

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Read More Blogs in Less Time

If you’ve been reading blogs for any length of time, you know how quickly you can find a couple dozen blogs (or more!) in your bookmarks. If you’re really organized, you’ll create a separate bookmarks folder just for blog sites, … Continue reading

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It’s Snow Fun

Well, we finally used our snowshoes this season. I’d been sort of keen to get them out in January and February, gradually lost interest in March, and now – I suppose I should just be grateful that we got to … Continue reading

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New Trombone Collective

Thank you to all you non-trombonists for sticking with me through eight posts about the trombone this International Trombone Week. I hope you found some of them entertaining and/or interesting. As today is the last day of ITW, I will … Continue reading

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Two Trombone Legends

RAY ANDERSON I first came across Ray Anderson in the spring of 1991 when I went to Chicago to audition for a Master’s program at Northwestern University. While I was there, I was browsing through the CDs at Rose Records … Continue reading

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Trombones in Space

The world is full of trombonists who are doing wonderful things to promote the instrument. Yet, however successfully all the CD recordings and live concerts increase the profile of the trombone, they just don’t pack the same punch as the … Continue reading

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