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Dear Grammie (a letter inspired by the Charlottetown Festival Orchestra cuts)

Dear Grammie, Hope you’re enjoying the Holidays! The celebrations must be incredible where you are. I know it’s only been a week since I last wrote, but a lot has happened since then. I’m sure you’ve been following all the … Continue reading

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Music Festival – on marks and competition

My daughter sang in the Kiwanis Music Festival today. It was so sweet. All the girls who sang were very cute. I love the fact that Riley likes to perform in front of an audience – she’s really into it, … Continue reading

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“Spring”, a poem by Riley

My Dad just emailed me this photo of their white board: She must have been feeling very optimistic, because it hasn’t felt much like spring yet.

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It’s Snow Fun

Well, we finally used our snowshoes this season. I’d been sort of keen to get them out in January and February, gradually lost interest in March, and now – I suppose I should just be grateful that we got to … Continue reading

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Bailey’s First Haircut

For weeks I’ve been trying to convince my 4-year old son that he desperately needs a haircut, all to no avail. No matter how fun or exciting I’ve tried to make it sound, he just hasn’t bought it. Until today. … Continue reading

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My Boy and Bobby McFerrin

Here’s a sample of the crazy conversations that go on in our house. Background: I introduced Bailey (who is 4) to Bobby McFerrin‘s version of Cream‘s Sunshine of Your Love last summer, although his name was mentioned again fairly recently … Continue reading

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New Year’s Levee with Pat Binns

On New Year’s Day, the kids and I found ourselves stuck in downtown Charlottetown for a little while, waiting for Sandy. There being not much to do, we made our way over to the Confederation Centre, where PEI Premier Pat … Continue reading

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Star Wars in My House

Today the kids are playing Star Wars. They’ve never seen the movies, but are fascinated by the characters, whose images they see in books, toys, etc. Luke and Oola have been leaving messages around the house to try to trick … Continue reading

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Hope for Our Schools

For a while, Sandy and I, feeling disillusioned with the school system, had considered home schooling our children. Of course, we worried about whether we had the discipline to pull off such an endeavour, and whether it would be a … Continue reading

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Snuggle up with a good book

My three year old son gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “snuggle up with a good book”, as he does so quite literally. While many kids gravitate to teddy bears for comfort at night time, Bailey has always … Continue reading

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Penelope and the Humongous Burp

There was a time when my daughter was absolutely disgusted by burps, and if her younger brother should happen to bless us with one, she would make the biggest fuss about it, screaming and freaking out like only a little … Continue reading

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Children’s Wish Foundation Christmas CD

This week I have been working as a recording engineer (filling in for Perry Williams), recording school choirs for the PEI chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation‘s annual Christmas CD. This has been a successful fundraising project for the CWF … Continue reading

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My kids’ view of their Dad as trombonist

I’ve discovered that if I ever need a morale boost, all I need to do is put on a recording of a great trombonist and my kids invariably ask, “Is that you, Dad?” Then, when I tell them who it … Continue reading

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Talented Youth

Yesterday I was the brass adjudicator for the Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival, and it was a great experience. I actually only had to listen to one brass musician, a fine euphonium player in the junior category, so it was pretty easy … Continue reading

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Boys vs. Girls

Metaphorically speaking, I tried keeping my daughter out of pink clothes and my son out of blue. Yet there she sits in her fancy dress playing with her dolls, and there he goes driving his trucks across the floor, bike … Continue reading

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