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How literature got me into music

As we look back on our lives we can all identify those pivotal moments – decisions or events – that led us in a completely new and often unexpected direction, and essentially changed our lives. For me, one of those … Continue reading

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Dear Grammie (a letter inspired by the Charlottetown Festival Orchestra cuts)

Dear Grammie, Hope you’re enjoying the Holidays! The celebrations must be incredible where you are. I know it’s only been a week since I last wrote, but a lot has happened since then. I’m sure you’ve been following all the … Continue reading

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Why the orchestra matters

In my previous post about the proposed cuts to the Anne of Green Gables orchestra, and also in my radio interview on CBC this morning, there is one thing that I feel I have not been articulating clearly enough. The … Continue reading

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Charlottetown Festival to reduce orchestra

Today (the week before Christmas) the Charlottetown Festival announced plans to re-orchestrate Anne of Green Gables-The Musical, a plan which will see the orchestra reduced by six musicians, from 19 to 13. This is devastating news – news that could … Continue reading

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25 Things About Me

I was recently tagged here in the 7 Things thing, and coincidentally tagged by my wife on facebook with the 25 Things thing there. So here I am, killing two birds with one stone, and ending my blogging hiatus with … Continue reading

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Letter to my Tailgater

Dear Tailgater: I’m not sure if you’ve noticed me here on the road right in front of you. I know I’m driving a car much smaller than yours, but I do have my lights on, so surely you see me? … Continue reading

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Distress in Desable

It is almost a perfect day today – sunny but not too hot, with a nice breeze to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Almost perfect, except that the pleasant chirping of birds is being punctuated by the sound of fake … Continue reading

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Music Festival – on marks and competition

My daughter sang in the Kiwanis Music Festival today. It was so sweet. All the girls who sang were very cute. I love the fact that Riley likes to perform in front of an audience – she’s really into it, … Continue reading

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Pearls Before Breakfast

Here is a very intriguing article about an experiment undertaken by the Washington Post to see what the public’s reaction might be when famous violin virtuoso Joshua Bell busks in a subway station (at the centre of federal Washington D.C.) … Continue reading

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Running/Shoes – Cause and Effect

I am currently experiencing a shoe shortage – all my shoes have gradually been falling apart. So yesterday, when I was heading out the door to drive to the Halifax airport to pick up my brother, I was down to … Continue reading

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Facebook Has Consumed Me

OK, so last week I got an email from a friend (and 2nd cousin) inviting me to sign up with Facebook and join the “Bluefield Class of 1986” group he’d created. We were in school together at Englewood from Grades … Continue reading

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It’s Snow Fun

Well, we finally used our snowshoes this season. I’d been sort of keen to get them out in January and February, gradually lost interest in March, and now – I suppose I should just be grateful that we got to … Continue reading

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How I chose the trombone

I was in grade eight when our school got its first band program. Gerry Rutten had moved to the area, decided Englewood should have a band, and generously spent his Saturday mornings trying to teach us how to play. At … Continue reading

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A Day in Crapaud

The connotations brought to mind by the term “Small Town” don’t come close to accurately reflecting the truth about living in a rural community. Here’s an example – a typical day out and about in the Greater Crapaud Area: This … Continue reading

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New Year’s Levee with Pat Binns

On New Year’s Day, the kids and I found ourselves stuck in downtown Charlottetown for a little while, waiting for Sandy. There being not much to do, we made our way over to the Confederation Centre, where PEI Premier Pat … Continue reading

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Hope for Our Schools

For a while, Sandy and I, feeling disillusioned with the school system, had considered home schooling our children. Of course, we worried about whether we had the discipline to pull off such an endeavour, and whether it would be a … Continue reading

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My Danish Roots

I am not a regular newspaper reader. About the only time I read it is when something catches my eye as I am crumpling up the paper to start a fire in the wood stove. Today’s fire-starter included an article … Continue reading

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Small Town Service

I received an online order this week for some sheet music that I publish, but discovered that I was out of stock. I needed to get more copies printed so I could fill the order promptly, but I wasn’t going … Continue reading

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CRTC and Phone Books

Today it was reported that the CRTC will now require all phone companies in Canada to publish a consumers bill of rights in their phone books (see CBC article here). While the terms of the CRTC statement require phone companies … Continue reading

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Snuggle up with a good book

My three year old son gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “snuggle up with a good book”, as he does so quite literally. While many kids gravitate to teddy bears for comfort at night time, Bailey has always … Continue reading

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