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Freshness Guaranteed

On my way home one evening, I stopped for gas at Petro Canada and, since I was really hungry, bought a bag of Yum-Yum Vegetable Chips to tide me over until I got home. At least, that was the plan, … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Moment

It’s midnight and I just got home. The moon is full tonight and so amazingly bright I could actually work outside. It makes me wish I didn’t have to sleep. There’s so much to be done, and so little time … Continue reading

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There has been a fair bit of coverage in the news recently about UPEI students risking their lives by crossing University Avenue at whatever point is most convenient, rather than diverging from the straightest path and using the lights at … Continue reading

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Grade One

32 years ago, Grade One changed my life. All of a sudden, life revolved around a predetermined schedule, with teachers and new friends widening the social net beyond parents and siblings. Eventually, homework and extracurricular activities like music and sports … Continue reading

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What happened to Autumn?

Autumn used to be my favourite season, and it still would be except that it seems to have disappeared. It was always a rather short season, having long ago sold its colder half to Christmas, but now it has apparently … Continue reading

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My busiest summer ever

Summers are always busy for me, but this past one was the busiest ever. In addition to playing 8 shows a week with the Charlottetown Festival orchestra, I was booked on many Sundays for various performances – Northumberland Brass, eklektikos, … Continue reading

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Point Taken

Every day is an opportunity to learn something. Today I learned that wasps don’t like it so much if you step on their nest. I also learned that shorts and sandals aren’t the best choice of clothing for outdoor work. Some lessons … Continue reading

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Sam the Storytelling Man

This summer I had the pleasure of sitting next to Sam Sniderman, aka Sam the Record Man, at a Board of Directors breakfast at the Confederation Centre. Sam loves to talk about his involvement in the music industry, and he’s … Continue reading

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Adventure in St. Margaret’s Bay

I am staying with my friends Curtis Dietz and Gina Patterson in Hackett’s Cove, Nova Scotia, just outside of Halifax. Curtis and I are playing together tonight in a concert series in Mahone Bay. Last night I stayed in a … Continue reading

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Speeding Trucks

One thing that makes me very nervous is big trucks that don’t obey the rules of the road. It’s one thing to be behind the wheel of a Honda Civic and go a little over the speed limit, but you’d … Continue reading

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Happy Friendship Day!

Back in May I wrote about International Friendship Day (see “In Celebration of Friends”), and I just realized I forgot all about it. It was yesterday. All the same, yesterday did revolve around friends: In the afternoon I performed on … Continue reading

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Games with bats

When I get home from work after 11:00 at night, I take the dog out for her evening ritual, and I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping tabs on her with a one-million-candlepower flashlight purchased on sale at Canadian Tire. … Continue reading

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The Freedom of Wireless Headphones

On Saturday I picked up a pair of very slightly used Optimus PRO100 wireless headphones at Cash Converters in Charlottetown. Optimus is an in-store brand for Radio Shack. At $22.73 after taxes and a 25% discount due to store renovations, … Continue reading

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My kids’ view of their Dad as trombonist

I’ve discovered that if I ever need a morale boost, all I need to do is put on a recording of a great trombonist and my kids invariably ask, “Is that you, Dad?” Then, when I tell them who it … Continue reading

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Golden Horse Jeans

As kids, I and my three siblings wanted blue jeans like everyone else at school. Our parents complied with our request, and the result was Golden Horse brand blue jeans for everyone! I recall that this was terribly traumatic for … Continue reading

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Boys vs. Girls

Metaphorically speaking, I tried keeping my daughter out of pink clothes and my son out of blue. Yet there she sits in her fancy dress playing with her dolls, and there he goes driving his trucks across the floor, bike … Continue reading

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In Celebration of Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends the past few days, and about how much I appreciate them. And since we celebrated Mother’s Day so recently, I got to thinking that there should be a Friendship Day so we can … Continue reading

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Welcome to my back door

One of the things I love about living on PEI is the way people come to your back door if they drop by. Yesterday, we had the census person stop in, and of course she came to the back. It's … Continue reading

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