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Serendipity in Sackville

How a series of coincidences led to me finding a long-coveted trombone recording. Continue reading

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Discovering Takashi Yoshimatsu

I have a friend who, when he played percussion in the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra, sent me a CD (Chandos 9960) of works by the Japanese composer Takashi Yoshimatsu. It contains his Symphony No. 4, Atom Hearts Club Suite No. 1, … Continue reading

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Blow-air-o: Practice Strategies for the trombone solo in Ravel’s Bolero

The trombone solo from Ravel’s Bolero is one of the most challenging excerpts in the entire orchestral repertoire, and one of the few excerpts that is required on every single orchestral trombone audition. This solo passage, lasting just 17 measures … Continue reading

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Call for scores – The Canadian Trombone Project

Are you a Canadian composer who has written for solo trombone (with any accompaniment), trombone ensemble, or chamber ensemble featuring the trombone? If so, I would like to include information about your work in my Canadian Trombone Project – an … Continue reading

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International Trombone Week 2011

Today marks the beginning of International Trombone Week for 2011 (April 3-10), and there are many ways we can all celebrate: perform (or attend) a trombone recital, compose a piece for trombone, make a radio request for some trombone music, … Continue reading

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International Trombone Week 2009

Today marks the first day of International Trombone Week 2009, and I intend to celebrate! I am going to attempt to write a post a day here on my blog, and I even have a performance planned with the UPEI … Continue reading

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New Trombone Collective

Thank you to all you non-trombonists for sticking with me through eight posts about the trombone this International Trombone Week. I hope you found some of them entertaining and/or interesting. As today is the last day of ITW, I will … Continue reading

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Two Trombone Legends

RAY ANDERSON I first came across Ray Anderson in the spring of 1991 when I went to Chicago to audition for a Master’s program at Northwestern University. While I was there, I was browsing through the CDs at Rose Records … Continue reading

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Trombones in Space

The world is full of trombonists who are doing wonderful things to promote the instrument. Yet, however successfully all the CD recordings and live concerts increase the profile of the trombone, they just don’t pack the same punch as the … Continue reading

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Music for Wilderness Lake

I love playing the trombone, and I love being outdoors, so when I can do both at the same time, it’s a good day. And although I don’t have to worry about bothering neighbours here, there doesn’t seem to be … Continue reading

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Mozart Requiem – Unplugged

One of the greatest trombone solos in the entire orchestral repertoire appears in the Tuba mirum of Mozart’s Requiem. I’ve gotten to play the Requiem about a dozen times, and I never get tired of it – it is so … Continue reading

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How I chose the trombone

I was in grade eight when our school got its first band program. Gerry Rutten had moved to the area, decided Englewood should have a band, and generously spent his Saturday mornings trying to teach us how to play. At … Continue reading

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International Trombone Week 2007

I’m sure all of you will be just as excited as I am that April 1-8 is the fifth annual International Trombone Week. This is the week when trombone players all over the world organize concerts and other events to … Continue reading

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The Trombone, more than just a slush pump

Joe Alessi is one of my favourite trombonists, and this week he gave the world premiere performance of a new Trombone Concerto by Melinda Wagner with his own orchestra, the New York Philharmonic. (See the New York Times review here). … Continue reading

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John Weinzweig, 1913-2006

On Thursday, August 24, we lost our “Dean of Canadian Composers”, as John Weinzweig was fondly called. Weinzweig was the first person in this country to pursue classical music composition as a career, and although there were many obstacles to overcome … Continue reading

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My New Trombone

Here’s the story about my new trombone. For 18 years I played a Benge 190F and was very happy with it. I have never been that much of a gear geek, so I didn’t really experiment much, and hadn’t really … Continue reading

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I am no Xeno-phobe

The Yamaha Xeno, that is. Today I went to Musicstop (now Long & McQuade) in Halifax to try out a couple of trombones that one of my students was interested in. They had a Xeno with a yellow brass bell … Continue reading

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