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Getting the most out of home office internet

When my Wi-Fi works, it works well, averaging download speeds of 60-80 Mbps. However, for unknown reasons it cuts out occasionally. My desktop computer seems to be the only device in our home that does this, so there must be … Continue reading

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Two New Features

Just wanted to bring your attention to two new features on my blog. On the right-hand column you will now notice links to my websites: 1) my trombone website, which contains my bio, musical activities and resources, 2) our house … Continue reading

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Face Recognition

I have to say, I’ve been enjoying CBC’s The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos. I find it to be a very interesting news show, talk show, whatever kind of show it is. There was an intriguing segment on one show about … Continue reading

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I am Superman!

I came across this little personality quiz on Andy Collier’s blog and I just couldn’t resist doing it myself. My son has been fascinated lately with superheroes, power rangers, ninja turtles, etc., so I was very curious to see which … Continue reading

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Rosie Photos

I’ve just uploaded some photos of Rosie the Ruffed Grouse to my new Flickr account. Click here to visit my site and view the photos.

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The Thrill of New Music

Last night my new music ensemble eklektikos gave a successful performance at UPEI. One of the criteria for determining the success of a new music concert is whether the audience outnumbers the performers, which makes last night all the more … Continue reading

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Island Shine

Several years ago I came across a very fine Polish vodka (Luksusowa) that is actually made from potatoes – any other vodka I’ve ever seen is grain distilled. It gave me a great idea: PEI is renowned for its great … Continue reading

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Creative Proposal

So last night at the show (Anne of Green Gables – The Musical) we were witnesses to one of the most creative marriage proposals I’ve ever encountered. At the end of the show, after the bows, Director of Guest Services … Continue reading

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Spelling “E”

Over the years I have wondered if there is something I can do to get people to spell my last name correctly. It doesn’t bug me so much on unimportant things, but on things like concert programmes and bank cards, … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for dropping by. Thought it might be fun to join the blogging world. Stay tuned for comments and stories about anything and everything, not just the trombone! Thanks to Cynthia Dunsford for recommending, even though she doesn't know … Continue reading


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