About Dale

Hi. I am a professional trombonist in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I created this blog to share thoughts or stories about things that are important to me – things like classical music, the environment, my family, and yes, the trombone. I hope you enjoy – feel free to post a comment if you feel so inspired.

Want to know more about me? Visit my website.


3 Responses to About Dale

  1. Reuben Bauer says:

    Hey Dale loved the SNS blog, these things need to be said, and maybe inspire a change. Keep it coming!!

  2. Henry Brenton says:

    G’day dale just a hello from down under … dont know if you will remember me from Englewood, my name is Henry Brenton i was only there for three years. It seems you are doing very well in what you wanted out of life and i am glad to see that… congrats to you. i was suprised to find your name and see what you were up to, i have just started to go back and see what people i can find and see where they are in life … you being my first from PEI.

  3. Asheya says:

    Hi Dale,
    I thought you and your wife might be interested in a special CBC is doing for Canada Day – The Great Canadian Wish List. They are using Facebook to compile and rank wishes. A wish for funded midwifery services across Canada has been added, and I thought you might be interested in adding your support and passing on the link to other people who might be interested in supporting this wish!
    If the wish gets enough support, hopefully it will receive media coverage! I am the founder of Yukoners for Funded Midwifery, so I am hoping for lots of support to send a strong message to the provincial and territorial governments across Canada.

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