What happened to Autumn?

Autumn used to be my favourite season, and it still would be except that it seems to have disappeared. It was always a rather short season, having long ago sold its colder half to Christmas, but now it has apparently relinquished its tentative hold on what remained to that bully Hallowe’en. In fact, right after labour day ghouls and goblins surreptitiously made off with the last of the cornucopias overflowing with the fruits of harvest. Hey! Look over there – what is that ghostly apparition? It’s the fading memory of something called Thanksgiving. Hallowe’en – remind me what it is we are celebrating!? An elaborate play directed by the candy manufacturers, and requiring two months of rehearsals! There used to be so much more to “fall colours” than black and orange. Rise up, O lovers of Autumn! She shall not be vanquished! Step bravely past the glowing gravestones, through the clutter of cobwebs and plastic pumpkins. Tread carefully past the consumer traps! There you will find Autumn in all her splendour, blushing red and yellow and orange from the least of our attention. She thrives despite our neglect, but can the same be said for us?

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