Boys vs. Girls

Metaphorically speaking, I tried keeping my daughter out of pink clothes and my son out of blue. Yet there she sits in her fancy dress playing with her dolls, and there he goes driving his trucks across the floor, bike helmet attached permanently to his head. I used to think it was only social conditioning that caused boys and girls to have different interests, conditioning that takes root the minute they are wrapped in a pink or blue blanket after birth, and which is reinforced daily from that point on. Of course this is definitely a factor, but I am also starting to realize that boys and girls are just made differently. However, I can see that my attempts at an egalitarian approach to child rearing have produced results: My daughter loves to put on work gloves and help me outdoors, and my son is not adverse to wearing nail polish and playing with Barbies. While this perhaps demonstrates a reversal of roles, it is their approach to these activities that reveals their biological differences: She, while hauling brush, will flit about, singing of princesses and fairies, while he will use a Barbie to rescue his dinosaur who has fallen into a crater on the moon. Vive la Difference!

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3 Responses to Boys vs. Girls

  1. willswords says:

    I have noticed this also with my children, that they do indeed have differences, but that they are willing to play in the other’s “domain” from time to time. My daughter (9) swears that she hates Star Wars, but will watch it when her brothers get a chance. And they will play barbies as well, though they would probably not admit it if you asked them. Funny how they learn to categorize activities at such a young age.

  2. It is funny how they categorize. Just this afternoon my family was in a store in Charlottetown called "Just Us Girls". They have a great assortment of Crocs footwear. I tried on a couple of pairs, and my daughter (who is six) asked incredulously "Dad, what are you doing? The stuff in this store is only for girls!"

  3. tiim says:

    what do you think about girls playing with boy trucks and boys washing dishes i want to get your opion on this i am studying this in class please reply

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