Talented Youth

Yesterday I was the brass adjudicator for the Nova Scotia Provincial Music Festival, and it was a great experience. I actually only had to listen to one brass musician, a fine euphonium player in the junior category, so it was pretty easy work, and very pleasant. I attended the Gala Concert in the evening at the New Glasgow Square Theatre, and was very impressed with the musicianship I heard. The winners of all the categories, both junior and senior, performed. At events like these, I am always amazed at the capabilities of youth – the technical proficiency, musical maturity and sound that they have developed. It is quite incredible what some of them can achieve in such a short time. Aren't kids amazing?

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2 Responses to Talented Youth

  1. Reuben Bauer says:

    haha you never say that about us

  2. Maybe not in your presence… šŸ™‚

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