Hope for Our Schools

For a while, Sandy and I, feeling disillusioned with the school system, had considered home schooling our children. Of course, we worried about whether we had the discipline to pull off such an endeavour, and whether it would be a disservice to our children by taking away the main opportunity kids have for social development. Luckily for us, we live within the district of one of the best schools going, Englewood School in Crapaud, PEI. I had gone there myself from Grades 1-9, and had always felt that it was someplace special. In the end, we believed that it would be a positive environment for our children, and our daughter is LOVING her first year there. We are always pleased to have our view of Englewood positively reinforced, especially by someone with no connection to the place. We were therefore very excited to read Rob Paterson’s article, Hope is not lost – Englewood School PEI. I encourage you to read this article and learn about some of the effective (yet simple) strategies that the staff at Englewood have implemented to eliminate “exclusion” and “labelling”, and to make sure all students have an equal chance at success. While you’re at it, check out the Peaceful School Initiatives section on Englewood’s website. There really is hope for our schools.

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